Thursday, December 18, 2008

Saturnalia, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Morticia Adams, Lilly Munster,....Siouxsie

I just hung up the phone here at my desk. It was my wife calling me. I have come to expect a great number of various topics to come up when she calls me at work anymore. Ever since she has been doing her internship as a Funeral Director, there have been many. Some of them, I must admit, I believe my imagined picture is far worse than the reality of what her anecdotes must have really been like to view. But I digress.
Today I answered the phone in the most normal of fashions and upon my final word looked at the caller ID on the phone to see it was Siouxsie. The first words out of her mouth were:

I Drove The Hearse!

I immediately felt very excited for her. She told me all about the experience in trying to adjust the seat correctly, and the "Hearse Cam" (which sounds like a rear view cam only with a whole lot more angles). The driving on the highway and then having to drive the Pastor home.
But what I just realized is that my wife, the woman I look at and think naughty thoughts of, the woman who will one day - most assuredly - end up going to a take your parents to school day, works with dead people and funerals. And I am totally okay with, and interested in these moments. The thought of the emotional bereaved, or the icky dead body, don't phase me. Except when she brings it up during a meal, or when she comes home smelling like Formalin. I guess I will just be the one to take our daughter in for bring your kids to work day. At least until she is a teenager and can brag about going to the funeral home morgue for the day!